Interim Parking Permit Woes…

Thank you for taking this initiative!

I currently have three fines in dispute. The first was issued when I was still using an old permit that council informed me was 12-months old! We had not received any correspondence about new permits.

My other fine disputes have been rejected, so I have now taken my dispute to the next stage. Below is my letter to BCC – which outlines my argument in more detail.

5 January 2012

Disputes Commissioner
GPO Box 589

Dear Disputes Commissioner

Re: Infringement Number xxxxxxxxxx

I am writing to you in response to correspondence received from the Appeals Review Officer on behalf of Brisbane City Council in relation to the above Infringement Notice.

Please note that at this current time I am also disputing Infringement Notice xxxxxxxx for the same reasons supplied in this correspondence.

I wish to request that the decision to not withdraw the Infringement Notice xxxxxxxxx be reassessed on the basis of the following additional (and originally supplied) information.

• As a resident of 56/54 Vernon Tce, Tenerriffe I have applied for, and been granted, a Resident Parking Permit permitting me to park in Vernon Tce, Ethel St and Dath St
• I originally applied for permission to park in Vernon Tce, Ethel St, Dath St and Florence St however I was only granted permission to park in the abovementioned three streets
• I understand, and as highlighted in the correspondence from Appeals Review Officer, that Resident Parking Permits do not allow parking in metered areas unless signed ‘resident permits excepted’
• Currently in Vernon Tce, Ethel St and Dath St there are no areas that are signed ‘resident permits excepted’ therefore rendering the Resident Parking Permit redundant
• In fact, the only street in this area that does have ‘resident permits excepted’ signing is Florence St (a small section of parking), the only street that I was not granted in my resident parking application.

In addition to the above points;
• There is a strip of completely non-signed parking spaces on Vernon Tce (between Dath and Ethel Sts), which I have worked out are the only safe spaces for me to park for more than ¼ to 2 hours inside the paid parking hours
• However, this strip of approximately 6 – 8 car spaces is often occupied as it is completely unsigned and therefore anyone can park there for any amount of time (it is not signed ‘residents parking only’ for instance)
• Therefore, since my Resident Parking Permit only allows me to park in spaces that anyone can park in, again this renders the permit completely redundant
• Due to the above points, there is absolutely no purpose for resident parking permits in this Tenerriffe area and therefore there are absolutely no provisions for the tax paying residents of Tenerriffe to park their cars. I believe this may be a significant point of interest for local and broader media.

Further to the above supplied information;
• As a permanent resident at Vernon Tce I am often forced to drive around for up to 5 minutes in an attempt to find any available parking, let alone unsigned parking, wasting my valuable fuel and time.  I often park in streets that I am not permitted to park in because all other spaces are occupied
• As a permanent resident I often have no choice but to park my car in metered spaces – often outside of the hours where parking must be paid. In fact, my working hours usually mean that I am parking after the paid parking hours but due to my start time at work I am often not moving my car again until 8.45am (at the latest). Generally the spaces in this area are paid parking from 7am or 8am. Therefore I have received $75 fines on the basis of parking for less than an hour or two, in the only space available in my residential area.

Lastly, I am an excellent citizen, my vehicle registration and insurances are always up-to-date and I pay my taxes as a full-time employed and responsible person. I am happy to pay for parking when I am out-and-about and always park responsibly. However until someone invents interdimensional storage spaces, I have no choice but to park in the only available spaces at my home.

It is my understanding that there is currently a move in Brisbane to update the signage in some urban areas so that more metered spaces have the additional ‘resident permits excepted’ signage. It is my explicit feeling that the Tenerriffe area is one of these such areas where the signage requires updating – as currently, as clearly pointed out above, Resident Parking Permits are completely redundant in this area.  If the signage were updated, my permit would cover me for the approximately 1 to 2 hours a day where I require parking inside the paid parking hours.

It is my feeling that the Infringement Number in question in this correspondence (and the second one referred to above) should be deemed redundant until such a time as the signage in the area is updated and Resident Parking Permits have validity for the people of Tenerriffe.

I thank you for your time in considering this request and look forward to your favorable reply.

Sincere regards

Alana Jessop
Vernon Tce, Tenerriffe, Qld, 4006


One thought on “Interim Parking Permit Woes…

  1. Hi Alana,

    Thanks for telling your story. There actually are a couple of “resident permit” spots (4) along Dath St at the front corner of the street next to Vernon Terrace. On the opposite side of Dath St there are another nine (next to the Cannery building). However, the writing on the signage is pretty small and would be easy to miss.

    (Good luck trying to get a park there though – aside from the Cannery building residents you’re also fighting for a spot with builders/tradies who seem almost parked there permanently)

    PS There’s pictures of the old and new permits here.

    You can apply for the new parking permits at: this BCC link (pdf – 204Kb)

    Further info about the permits is at the BCC website.

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