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Brisbane Parking .org was founded by a group of concerned local residents who believe that people who live in residential areas should have the right, within reason, to safely park their vehicles outside their own homes without harassment from Brisbane City Council or any other government body.

While we strongly support public transport and believe in developing a cleaner, greener Brisbane where possible, we also acknowledge people still need to use private cars. In particular Brisbane Parking .org believes enforcement of parking regulations should be on the grounds of fairness and safety – not a revenue raising exercise with preset “targets” simply because Brisbane City Council is too scared to raise rates.

Originally founded in Teneriffe/New Farm, we hope to hear from residents from other suburbs who want to tell their parking ticket horror stories.

We want to hear your stories – tell us of your parking dramas on our stories page or or email your stories to parkingstories@brisbaneparking.org.

Update – Jan 18, 2012: OMG! We’re like, totally famous! Ok, maybe not Kim Kardashian famous, but a little bit famous nonetheless. Check out Brisbane Parking .org’s media coverage on our stories and links page. Special thanks to Tony Moore at the Brisbane Times for getting the ball rolling.

One thought on “Welcome to Brisbane Parking .org

  1. A friend got a letter in the mail last week, 1st and final for a parking fine date 03/01/13 when he had a doctors appointment 120km away at the same time as the fine. The infomation on the ticket said his ute was a sedan right rego, as he knows it wasn’t him is it too late to fight the ticket.

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